Successful travel scholars, Afro-ADVAC course, South Africa

October 1, 2018



From September 3rd – 12th of September, the African Advanced Vaccinology Course (Afro-ADVAC) was held in September in Gauteng, South Africa hosted by the African Local Initiative for Vaccinology Expertise (ALIVE), University of the Witwatersrand, under the guidance of Professors Shabir Madhi and Helen Rees and with the strong support of our IMPRINT executive board member and our challenge 5 co-lead Clare Cutland.

The Afro-ADVAC course targeted mid- to senior level scientists, medical professionals and public health specialists, who are involved in vaccine development, clinical trials, implementation – or management of vaccination strategies, and who have decision-making or advisory responsibilities in their region or country.

IMPRINT awarded three travel scholarships to Dr Mbambole Ngwenyi Alake Grace, Sub-Director for Immunization at the Ministry of Public Health, Cameroon
Dr Smriti Mathema, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Nepal and
Dr Flaviah Namiiro, Paediatrician/ Neonatologist at Mulago National Referral Hospital and Honorary lecturer at Makerere University, College of Health Sciences, Kampala, Uganda.

Congratulations to the three of them – we hope you enjoyed the course!!


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