Workshop cum Expert Review Meeting on Maternal Immunization

October 1, 2018



Beate Kampmann, our network PI, Beth Holder, our challenge 1 co-lead and Sonali Kochhar, our challenge 5 co-lead, introduced IMPRINT at the “Workshop cum Expert Review Meeting on Maternal Immunization” September 10th in New Delhi, organized by the PRERNA Platform, KEM Hospital Research Centre Pune, with support from WHO-TDR Fellowship in Clinical Research and Development and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The meeting was attended by global and Indian public health, infectious disease, vaccine and clinical experts.

The objectives of the meeting were to

  • foster discussion among national and global leaders in maternal immunization to identify and prioritise research areas in maternal immunization in India
  • initiate research proposal development in maternal immunization in collaboration with national and international partners

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