Public Engagement Project Update

November 28, 2019



Dr Ugochukwu Madubueze is the lead of the “Effect of information, education and communication interventions on awareness, risk perception and confidence in the uptake of maternal vaccination in Ebonyi State, Nigeria” public engagement project.

The study uses role play as an information, education and communication (IEC) tool that can influence people’s choices and behaviors. The project is aimed at creating awareness of the risks associated with non-immunization and to stir up the women’s risk perception and improve uptake of maternal vaccination with Tetanus toxoid (TT).

The project has kicked off with full speed in October and IMPRINT is delighted to share first impressions of the past activities.

Madubueze and her team went on an advocacy visit to community, youth and women leaders in one of the local government areas, Ndiaboishiagu Ndieze, Izzi LGA. Madubueze explained their intentions and the community leaders expressed their appreciation to having been choosen to participate in this initiative.

The pictures below were taken during the second advocacy visit to the community and women leaders at Okuzu village in Onicha Local Government Area, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

The following images are from the third and final courtesy visit to community leaders in Osiegbe village in Ezza, North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

Madubueze carried out a focused group discussion and trained role models to perform a drama to improve maternal vaccination uptake. Furthermore, research assistants were trained.

Depicted below are public engagement campaigns to women of reproductive age to increase the uptake of maternal vaccination and to improve the risk perception. In order to convey the message they performed plays, distributed pamphlets and offered health education in three local government areas in Ebonyi State, South East Nigeria.

These images capture health education sessions, pamphlet distribution in local dialect and plays, dramatised by role models respected by the community. The play was emphasizing the benefits of Tetanus toxoid vaccination amongst women of childbearing age in Okuzzu Community in Ebonyi State.


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