Joint stand of all five vaccine networks at the British Society for Immunology Congress 2017 in Brighton

December 11, 2017



Our IMPRINT network manager, Dr. Claudia Schacht, together with our sister Network Managers from the VALIDATE Network (Vaccine development for complex intracellular neglected pathogens), IntVetVac (the International Veterinary Vaccinology Network), HIC-Vac (The Human Challenge Model Network) and BactiVac (the Bacterial Vaccines Network) joined forces during the British Society for Immunology (BSI)meeting in Brighton from 4-7 December 2017 to promote the networks and currently open pump priming and fellowship calls. The team of managers was supported by BSI President Peter Openshaw and MRC Programme Manager Martin Broadstock in their aim of spreading the word and raising awareness of the networks and their activities.

The BSI Congress is the largest national immunology Congress in Europe and was attended by over 1,250 speakers, presenters, sponsors, exhibitors and delegates – all potential new members of one or several of our networks.


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